MEMORY PILLOW "Rain" Rainbow Memories in Threads Pillow
MEMORY PILLOW "Rain" Rainbow Memories in Threads Pillow
MEMORY PILLOW "Rain" Rainbow Memories in Threads Pillow

MEMORY PILLOW "Rain" Rainbow Memories in Threads Pillow

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"Softly speaking your story or journey"

CUSTOM LEAD TIMES FOR THIS PRODUCT APPLY APPROX 3 TO 4 WEEKS - from time of receipt of clothing or images, whichever occurs last. This doesn't include postage times.
Where our Heirloom Keepsake Cloth Pillow - reflects that truly someone special.
Someone loved, someone lost, someone celebrated, someone birthed. Eternally capturing MEMORIES in time, set within threads and telling your truly unique and softly spoken story or journey.
Memories in Threads Collections - making a lovely inclusion to our Memory Pillow Collection is our "Rain" Rainbow Pillow - it is such a welcomed product to our Memories Collection. And is a great design to highlight loved ones clothing and paired with a stunning fabric image. Mix and match the panels are ideal of baby clothing too!

We think this is the perfect RAINBOW BABY pillow.
Space is precious these days, so why not keep these items special to you in a combined and neat way?

MATERIALS - YOUR SUPPLIED CLOTHING - we can provide any "fill" in fabrics required such as plain cotton surrounds or for the backing. This will of course be in consult with yourself.

INTERNAL - Completed with inner cotton / bamboo batting of approximately 1.5mm loft on the front quilted panel, with interfacing for stability on the back and front.

INNER FILL - 100% Polyester Pillow insert

Other materials may be fabrics such as backing fabrics and will be supplied by pending your selection.


RECTANGLE - 60cm x 35cm

We work with lots of different types of clothing -







As a guide for how many items we need to complete our pillow, is we require at minimum - 
4 x Baby or Adult clothing pieces - this is for best effect to get a nice mixed rainbow. However we can do the whole rainbow in the same colour if it is 1 adult garment.
There are a total of 20 panels within the pillow so you can use up to 20 garments on this item.
We will supply a 100% cotton plain white backing and surrounds.
If this is something you may not be able to supply, we can of course source a fabric that suits your clothing and supply this like a plain coloured cotton like in the images above.
Please note the image supplied must be of high resolution for the best quality fabric print using high quality inkjet. A blurry image will result in a blurry printed fabric. Please supply your image to our EMAIL, you order is unable to be started until we receive your clothing and image.
By taking important clothing or fabrics of those we love and designing around each and every item, we take the lovely and important details of each of the pieces given to us by our clients and in a one on one consult via email after ordering, we work together on the design and placement of the pillow that shows off those pieces you have been holding onto.
Please note this pillow DOES have a slip to remove and wash - it is purely created for a keepsake so we ask it be gently cleaned by hand with a slightly damp cloth. This item is not able to be washed in a washing machine or heavy water saturation. Must be dried flat and avoid ironing where possible due to the mixture of the panels of clothing varying in temperature settings.
Please note we are unable to work with handknits and knitted items such as chunky cardigans in this Pillow. However we can work with anything else usually.

Don't forget you can pair this up with any of our -

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Custom Personalisation Patch - to add a name / initial you can find it HERE


Customisation Personalisation - to add a name / initial / small message you can find it HERE


Custom HANDWRITING Personalisation - to add a name or small message in loved ones converted handwriting you can find it HERE

Each and every Memories in Threads Pillow is created as a CUSTOM ORDER and this means that it is created just for you - as an individual and unique piece. Custom lead times are approximately 2 to 3 weeks. This is from the time of design confirmations / payment and receipt of items to create with - whichever occurs last.

Simply get in touch HERE to design your Memories in Threads Doll and Decor piece/s shall you want to have a conversation around your order rather than using the checkout function and adding notes to cart. We know creating such special pieces can be deeply personal and we would love nothing more than to have a chat and create a custom listing to outline your design decided together. This will help us engage us as to what you may like to see used in your item.

Upon completion you will receive a few studio photos of your finished item like below. Showcasing your stunning piece. 

You will be supplied with a photographed layout of the design so you can see the clothing pieces laid out in the order it will be sewn. There may be times that we change things around when required, this could be due to fabric or trim quality or quantity or a design features that pop out screaming to be used etc. This of course is always conducted with full communication and disclosure to you each step of the way.

Each Memories in Threads item is carefully created to honour the clothing supplied. We do our best to ensure that the clothing and fabric supplied to create with are cut in a way that best captures the details, or uses the fabrics in the best condition shall there be any pilling / pulling / discolouration etc. However due to the nature of this item, this is not always possible to do and the finished item may have some of these on them. There may be some unavoidable parts that are used in order to create the items that suits your needs and what you would like featured.

Please ensure you select the recommended postage option of - EXPRESS POSTAGE WITH SIGNATURE ON THIS ITEM and don't forget to send a prepaid self addressed satchel to return your remaining items, as indicated in our Memories in Threads FAQ HERE

Please note our heirloom keepsakes are not suitable as toys and are decor pieces only. Not suitable for play but to be a cherished Memory item. Please see our FAQ and CARING FOR YOUR ITEMS for more information around this keepsake item. By purchasing you have agreed to ensure you have read this and acknowledge that this item is not a toy.

Please do note that if AFTERPAY is the preferred payment method - your duration payments may be completed prior to finishing or receiving your piece.