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"Awarded FIRST place" at the Royal Melbourne Show.

In July 2018, I decided to make a childhood dream of mine come true. To take the plunge and submit an exhibit in the Royal Melbourne Show for the first time - one of the most highly contended handmade exhibitions in Australia.
It comes after many years of wandering the craft pavilions at the Royal Melbourne Show with my grandmother. She was the one that instilled in me the love for sewing and creating. So wandering and admiring these creations year after year has been such a joy of mine over many years. One not necessarily shared by those I was visiting the Royal Melbourne Show with!!
Every year, all the while wishing I had the courage to enter.
Well last year was my second year - a year full of growth and change. With so much personal growth in home and business, I decided it was my time to try something new and challenging on my entry.
So I was incredibly proud to have submitted my "Royal" entry into OPEN category.
In turn I was so incredibly honoured to have received a 
FIRST PLACE - OPEN - Doll category - where any form of doll is judged as long as it is entirely handmade.
So please know that each and every one of the items created within RubyBabyDesigns are created using show quality techniques and finishes that we are so very proud of and trained within.