RubyBabyDesigns is a business that was born to create Modern Heirloom Keepsake Doll and Décor in a new and fun way. It provides the highest quality of finish and design – where 99% of our gorgeous designs are pattern made by us in our Melbourne’s west studio.
Each piece is individually crafted and handmade and so no two are alike. Each and every piece is created with so much love and passion from the maker – Lori.
Our specialty is CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER and for us this is the most special part of what we do! Whether that be a custom make of one our Classic Collection pieces or a Memories in Threads Collection Pieces.
We work with each and every client on the design and details of each piece down to hair and eye colour for our dolls and glitter and setting colours for our Memory Resin pieces.
We are the first to bring you "Memories in Threads" Collection into the Australian Market – which uses materials held close of those loved and or lost – captured and set into resin to once again hold close in a new way. Through charms and pendants, to rings and earrings.
We truly are a leader in not only the Heirloom Cloth Doll industry, but one of the few handmade businesses that offers a tailored Heirloom Keepsakes through décor and jewellery including our MEMORY KEEPSAKE COLLECTIONS.
Photo credit to November May Photography.