Welcome to RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective

Award winning and handcrafted in Melbourne, RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective specializes in Modern Heirloom Cloth Dolls and Decor. However our love is for creating "Memories in Threads" Collections that feature memory cloth dolls, and decor pieces such as quilts and pillows created from things such as clothing and fabrics of loved ones. As well as memory KEEPSAKE jewellery and accessories.

We aim to capture the essence behind special and meaningful pieces to induce powerful emotions and of course "creating one memory into another treasured memory" to allow them to continue for years to come and perhaps pass through generations.

A little bit about RubyBabyDesigns

We truly are a pioneer in not only the Heirloom Cloth Doll industry, but one of the few handmade businesses that offer a tailored custom made Heirloom Keepsake - through the creation of dolls, décor, quilts and resin jewellery to suit your needs. But most importantly we specialize in the custom creation of Memory Keepsakes and Heirlooms with clothing, preserved flowers, curls of hair, wedding attire and preserved breastmilk and the like.

Meet the Maker behind RubyBabyDesigns


“Thank you for all of your patience, love and care. You turned the saddest time in my life to a place of happiness knowing that my son will always have this to remember how much his daddy loved him. Even though we lost him way before his time, I will always remember how lucky I am to have loved someone who was so hard to say goodbye to. Now I will have a piece of him with me wherever I go too. I am so grateful for everything you have done for our little family. It cannot be easy taking on other peoples pain when you create pieces like these, but please know that without you and what you do the healing process would be a lot harder. Thank you.”

You are able to see more testimonials HERE.