Every single piece handcrafted within the RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective studio in the west of Melbourne are one of pure KEEPSAKE and HEIRLOOM quality. This means they are textile art for display DECOR only. These are not in any way considered a toy.
Our pieces are all handmade - meaning all of the details are hand machine stitched (ie not mass produced in a factory setting), hand embroidered, and hand cut - meaning these are delicate in nature and are not suitable for children under the age of 5. This is also indicated on all of our items in a care label, located on each and every one of our lovely collection pieces - along with a small branded label.
 We pride ourselves on our quality and presentation. It is a key focus for us to bring to you our gorgeous collections. Meaning we are little perfectionists here, and from the testimonials you can find in our side bar menu, you can see that our customers are overjoyed with their items in quality and service. 
We cannot stress enough that every piece created is created with the utmost love and care. Creating handmade items bring out a piece of our soul every time we design and create. Each piece sent home is sent home with a piece of our heart - and they certainly are so very hard to part with. In most cases, there is a background story as to why we are being trusted with something so special, and as such, we get involved in the journey - it is certainly a huge reason we do what we do here.
To be there for joy, celebrations, healing, love and remembrance. 
With the exception of our Memory Collection, all of the materials used within our collection are all new, unless of course specified otherwise - ie use of amazing vintage lace etc.
We source our beautiful fabrics from all over the world, and strive as such to provide a unique look. We also pride ourselves on supporting Australian designed fabric.
We can hand on heart say our dolls and decor are one of a kind and unique, as they are all designed and pattern made within our studio (with the exception of our giraffe decor pieces)
Lori - the creator, is a trained pattern maker, designer, and product developer - which means of course, has trained in garment construction. Studying at one of the leading facilities in Melbourne of fashion design / product development and construction. So you can rest assured the techniques used within each item is one that is qualified.
Of course our Cloth Heirloom Dolls and Decor are not machine washable, dry cleanable, and are unable to be ironed.
As this is a Heirloom Keepsake piece - you may want to use a lightly damp clean cloth to keep clean shall you require it. ie dust. This is to be done in a gentle manner.
To ensure that your Heirloom pieces are kept in the best condition possible once they have arrived, we do recommend the following - 
- Please unwrap upon receiving - please check over. Each of our items come in a soft drawstring bag for presentation.
- To store your items, if not being displayed, please store in a carded box and keep in a dry cool place. Please ensure you take out to air every month. If stored in plastic (not recommended) please air every week or so. This is to ensure your item is kept as fresh as possible within storage.
- Please avoid direct exposure to sunlight, this will cause fading and over time will cause items to become brittle and discoloured.
- Please handle gently - these items are HEIRLOOM KEEPSAKE quality and are not toys. We are very clear in our message that these items are DECOR and are labelled as such, we are unable to take responsibility or liability for any misuse of our items that cause damage, injury relating to misuse of our products.
Our RESIN and JEWELLERY collection also requires some important instructions to care for your delicate pieces.
Please do be gentle with all of your RESIN pieces. It is truly a unique and special piece. It is so important to treat it like a precious gem. Although resin is robust, we are you to treat your piece in a delicate nature. Over time resin will slowly break down, this is the nature of epoxy resin - so please be aware of this when you order. However by being gentle and following some simple care instructions you will extend the life of your piece exponentially.
This process will increase at a quicker rate shall these precautions not be taken. Please do note resin does scratch and dent in minor ways, and does loose it sheen over time.You are able to use a clean dry microfibre cloth to gently polish to restore some of the sheen, likewise there are resin polishing creams available. However please do note that these are unable to be used on the fittings and settings of the items. 
Please keep your items away from any form of creams or perfumes, soaps, water and sunlight etc. Please ensure you keep your items aired and worn. Storing in jewellery boxes etc causes rapid reactions. If you are storing, please ensure it is a place that is dry and cool and you air very regularly.
Such metals as sterling silver are an alloy. Alloys contain metals that react with chemicals found in the air and does produce tarnish because of this. This is a natural occurring issue in sterling silver and some other metals. Higher levels of moisture, exposure to water and sunlight and other contaminates do accelerate this process and reaction.
Take steps to protect your piece as best you can to avoid the increase in these issues with the resin and the metals. Most small tarnish marks can be removed by lightly and gently polishing, or with a anti-tarnish solution - however please ensure that this does not come into contact with your resin.
Please also do note that colours within our resin pieces - ie pigments, glitters, foils and preserved breast milk etc may change colour over time inside the resin. The biggest factors in this is sunlight and water. This is something we are unable to control once set within the resin. But by caring for your items using the above tips, this will assist in keeping you piece in lovely condition for long periods of time.
For gem settings (not our Euro Beads) - ie rings / earring pairs etc - we do create a spare gem in the same setting sit, in case of loss. This is available for a small charge shall you do require it down the track. Please do note that there may be some differences in the actual gem due to each stone crafted by hand.
By using any of these creams and polishing liquids on your pieces you do so at your own risk. Please do keep these sterling silver creams and polishes away from your gem as there may be a chemical reaction that we cannot control and therefore may damage your gem, and or your sterling silver piece.
For those items that have Rhodium Plated finished such as our Olivia Oval Halo Ring - please note that we do no endorse the re - treatment of the rhodium plating as the handmade resin gem is not a gem and therefore does not have the same characteristics of a mined and finished gem - which are strong. Therefore if you do feel like you would like to treat the rhodium plated setting, please only do so on the band. This will be at the discretion of your jeweller and we therefore cannot be responsible for the gem damage. The gem will not withstand the rhodium plating treatment due to the nature of the resin gem.