Every single piece handcrafted within the RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective studio in the west of Melbourne, and are one of pure KEEPSAKE and HEIRLOOM quality.
 We pride ourselves on our quality and presentation. It is a key focus for us to bring to you our gorgeous collections. Meaning we are little perfectionists here, and from the testimonials you can find in our side bar menu, you can see that our customers are overjoyed with their items in quality and service. 
We cannot stress enough that every piece created is created with the utmost love and care. Creating handmade items bring out a piece of our soul every time we design and create. Each piece sent home is sent home with a piece of our heart - and they certainly are so very hard to part with. In most cases, there is a background story as to why we are being trusted with something so special, and as such, we get involved in the journey - it is certainly a huge reason we do what we do here.
To be there for joy, celebrations, healing, love and remembrance. 
This means they are meant for KEEPSAKES only.


These are not to be considered a toy.
Our pieces are all handmade - meaning all of the details are hand machine stitched (ie not mass produced in a factory production line), or hand embroidered, and hand cut - meaning these are delicate in nature and are not suitable for children under the age of 5 as may contain small parts. This is also indicated on all of our items in a care label form, located on each and every one of our lovely collection pieces - along with a small branded label.
With the exception of our Memory Collection, all of the materials used within our collection are all new, unless of course specified otherwise - ie use of amazing vintage lace etc.
We source our beautiful fabrics from all over the world, and strive as such to provide a unique look. We also pride ourselves on supporting Australian designed fabric.
We can hand on heart say our dolls and decor are one of a kind and unique, as they are all designed and pattern made within our studio (with the exception of our giraffe decor pieces)
Lori - the creator, is a trained pattern maker, designer, and product developer - which means of course, has trained in garment construction. Studying at one of the leading facilities in Melbourne of fashion design / product development and construction. So you can rest assured the techniques used within each item is one that is qualified.
Of course our Cloth Heirloom Dolls and Decor are not machine washable, dry cleanable, and are unable to be ironed.
As this is a Heirloom Keepsake piece - you may want to use a lightly damp clean cloth to keep clean shall you require it. ie dust. This is to be done in a gentle manner.
To ensure that your HEIRLOOM KEEPSAKE pieces are kept in the best condition possible once they have arrived, we do recommend the following checking over upon receipt of your item. Each item is nicely presented in a dust bag or wrapped in brown kraft paper.
To store your items, if not being displayed, please store in a carded box and keep in a dry cool place. Please ensure you take out to air every month. If stored in plastic (not recommended) please air every week or so. This is to ensure your item is kept as fresh as possible within storage.
Please avoid direct exposure to sunlight, this will cause fading and over time may cause items to become brittle and discoloured.
Over time our lovely piece will have the inside stuffing settle. We allow time for settling within our handmaking process and take this into consideration,  letting it settle for the second stuff. However there will be settlement and change in shape/firmness over time.
Please handle gently - these items are HEIRLOOM KEEPSAKE quality and are not toys. We are very clear in our message that these items are DECOR and are labelled as such.


Along with the information above, with our cloth dolls, it is important for you to know that because our Memory Cloth Collection - from decor to cloth dolls to jewellery - we do need to cut the garments in which you send to us to use. This allows us to create your precious pieces. We take the utmost care to ensure we take only what we need to create your pieces and are respectful to the balance of your garments. These will always be returned. We do not wash or launder your garments. We do try our very best to use features of the garment, and we will always try to ensure we leave out part of the garments that may be torn, marked, pilled etc. But sometimes this may not be possible and we will always communicate with you surrounding this. For caring for your cloth items, please ensure you also follow the above care and storing instructions.


Our RESIN and JEWELLERY collection also requires some important instructions to care for your delicate pieces AND also to DEEPLY CONSIDER PRIOR TO PURCHASING.
Please do be gentle with all of your RESIN pieces. It is truly a unique and special piece. Although resin is robust, we ask that you treat your piece in a delicate nature. That means these pieces are for occasional wear to extend its life as much as possible.
There may be so slight imperfections in your hand crafted piece - such as minor imperfections or minor air bubbles and mold imperfections on the surface which comes with handmade molds. This is the nature of the item and use of resin however all care is taken to ensure they are minor and do not take away from your piece.
IMPORTANT NOTICE BEFORE ORDERING - Please do note that over time resin will slowly break down/ change in appearance and texture, this is the nature of epoxy resin - so please be aware of this when you order such a piece. We want to be as transparent to our customers as possible in this notification with you and we do not want to mislead you with a lifelong promise. Thus the naming of Keepsake.
Resin in its nature does change over time - due to lots and lots of reasons. It could be temperature, it could be moisture, sunlight, the way in which it is stored, contact with creams as such, chemicals, air, skin,sweat etc too. These can change the resin characteristics over time - that can cause it to break down, alter colour slightly or fade the colourants too, change texture and remove the surface shine also. This can sometimes occur after a long time, or a shorter time. Therefore we are unable to tell you how your pieces may change or when they may change over time, as environmental factors do change this. Sometimes they change and sometimes they don't at all. We let you know this to ensure it is the right fit for you when choosing your keepsake piece. We pass on instructions to give you the best way to care for your items to prolong the life of your piece to keep it looking as good as possible over time.
If you feel that parting with something so special such as cremation ashes or locks of hair or perhaps they are the only pieces you have we recommend these pieces are not for you in your array of choices out there. We suggest seeking other alternatives such as fired glass or urns etc. We want to be open and honest about the materials we use and create with so you can make an informed decision around how you would like to use your inclusions special to you. And we would hate to cause any anguish surrounding this for the long term.
Epoxy resin over time does loose its lustre, some colouring and discolour as well as gradually break down. These pieces are meant for keepsake purposes and NOT everday wear. As this will accelerate the breakdown process. 
However by being gentle and following some simple care instructions you will extend the life of your piece.
This process will increase at a quicker rate shall these precautions not be taken. Please do note resin does scratch and dent in minor ways, and does loose it sheen over time too.You are able to use a clean dry microfibre cloth to gently polish to restore some of the sheen. You may need to look at a jewellery polish to exclusively polish the setting only. They are not suitable for resin.
Please note we recommend to remove your item from the skin on warm to hot days or when you are hot and sweaty, as direct contact on warm skin can affect the top layer of the epoxy resin and can go tacky and soft. Incidental movement and minimal contact is acceptable however keep to a minimum. Exposure to warmth and skin contact can damage your piece on the surface and result in a surface reaction. This could be due to warmth, skin retaining chemicals from soaps, lotions,perfumes, etc. We recommend also on warm days to not wear your pieces.
Please store your resin jewellery in a safe, cool and dark location and air regularly. Please ensure no other jewrllery or items are resting against the resin pieces, this may scratch, dent, etc your pieces.
Please ensure you keep your pieces including paperweights , ring cones etc out of warm places and direct sunlight and of course the other things with resin. Sunlight and warm places will make the resin go soft and tacky over time and will effect colours and inclusions. Please ensure they are located in a cool and dark place when displayed - if you are going to place near sunlight / warmth, moisture etc please be aware that you may end up with furniture damage and damage to your piece over time and we are unable to take responsibility for this occurring. Please place a candle dish or glass block etc under any of your resin decor pieces also.
Please keep your items away from any form of
Please ensure you keep your items aired when not worn. Storing in jewellery boxes etc causes rapid reactions especially on the sterling silver. If you are storing, please ensure it is a place that is dry and cool and you air very regularly.
Please ensure your decor pieces are not in direct sunlight, damp areas etc or placed directly on furniture. We encourage you to display on a trinket tray of glass or mirror etc to ensure you do not damage your furniture.
Please do note some best and body heat can turn your piece tacky after wear or sitting along your next with sweating. Please take your piece and place in a dry cool place not touching anything (perhaps hand chain on a necklace stand etc) and sit for a few days to harden again. 
Such metals as sterling silver are an alloy. Alloys contain metals that react with chemicals found in the air and does produce tarnish because of this. This is naturally occurring in sterling silver and some other metals. Higher levels of moisture, exposure to water and sunlight and other contaminates do accelerate this process and reaction.
On occasion we do use stainless steel. 
Please note that some people react to sterling silver as a metal. This is something that can turn the piece black or turn your skin green. This is nothing to do with the quality of the sterling silver. It has more to do with your skin type reacting with the sterling silver. We cannot ensure you aren't reacting and this isn't a fault on the piece it is purely the reactions of the sterling silver to the composite of your alkaline / skin acids and environment etc. We cannot offer replacements or refunds based on this due to it not being a fault within the setting.
Take steps to protect your piece as best you can to avoid the increase in these issues with the resin and the metals. Most small tarnish marks can be removed by lightly and gently polishing, or with a anti-tarnish solution - however please ensure that this does not come into contact with your resin gem or the resin part of your items. This solution or polish may not be compatible with the resin and cause breakdown quickly.
Please also do note that colours within our resin pieces - ie pigments, glitters, foils and preserved breast milk etc may change colour over time inside the resin. The biggest factors in this is sunlight and water. This is something we are unable to control once set within the resin. But by caring for your items using the above tips, this will assist in keeping your piece looking lovely for a period of time that works back to the above information surrounding epoxy resin.
By using any of these creams and polishing liquids on your pieces you do so at your own risk. Please do keep these sterling silver creams and polishes away from your gem as there may be a chemical reaction that we cannot control and therefore may damage your gem, and or your sterling silver piece.
For those items that have Rhodium Plated finished such as our Olivia Oval Halo Ring - please note that we do not endorse the re - treatment of the rhodium plating as the handmade resin gem is not a mined gem and therefore does not have the same characteristics of a mined and finished gem - which are strong.
Therefore if you do feel like you would like to treat the rhodium plated setting, please only do so on the band. This will be at the discretion of your jeweller and we therefore cannot be responsible for the gem damage. The gem will not withstand the rhodium plating treatment due to the nature of the resin gem.
Please also ensure if you are wearing a resin pendant or bead directly on the skin you may notice that there may be a slight tackyness to you piece over the course of the heat transfer on incidental skin contact. Whether this is body heat of outside temp heat. If you do feel this occuring please take off and pop aside to cool down. This is common with epoxy resin. But it is suggested to not wear on skin directly.
Please ensure you are aware epoxy is a polyurethane and can result in reactions - therefore we recommend to not directly wear on skin .  Ie ensure you have a top on where the pendant sits etc.
By checking out any of our items and most importantly our RESIN JEWELLERY PIECES and purchasing them, you have acknowledged you understand the nature of these items as this link is within all of our jewellery listings. We do our best to provide you with information appropriate to your purchase to understand the item and the nature surrounding your items and how to care for them to keep you piece as best as possible.


Please ensure you are aware that our "DOME" accessories and jewellery pieces using clothing shaped into domes set within bezels and they do not have any protective coverings and are a keepsake only. Any abrasive surfaces / moisture / heat etc can affect the overall look of the piece. We recommend our Dome keyring for example is not used with or near keys due to it creating pulling of the clothing dome that can cause damage. 

 Please do note this is a keepsake and isn't an everyday wear piece. The fabric may get dirty and possibly pulls etc as it doesn't have a protective coating and cannot get wet. This is meant to be cherished and as a keepsake. Gentle and careful, occasional use is recommended at a stretch. But please keep away from keys / abrasive surfaces / rough conditions ie handbag / keys etc. This will cause damage to the surface of your clothing dome.

Please ensure they keep clean and dry and cool, and stored safely or used gently and infrequently otherwise the glue adhering the dome to setting may come away.


Please do note this is a delicate item and rough surfaces will damage or scratch the glass cabochon. Please ensure they keep clean and dry and cool, and stored safely otherwise glue that is adhering the photo and the glass cabochon to setting will come away. Please keep away from moisture and humidity and alike as the image can sometimes bleed beneath the cabochon or come away if affected by those things. We cannot control the conditions you store your item in and once we have sent, we do take studio photos of your completed item are taken at time of completion for you to keep.