Memories in Threads - "Tulip" Tie Pillow
Memories in Threads - "Tulip" Tie Pillow
Memories in Threads - "Tulip" Tie Pillow

Memories in Threads - "Tulip" Tie Pillow

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"Softly speaking your story or journey"

Where our Heirloom Keepsake Cloth Pillow - reflects that truly someone special.
Someone loved, someone lost, someone celebrated, someone birthed. Eternally capturing MEMORIES in time, set within threads and telling your truly unique and softly spoken story or journey.
Memories in Threads Collections - including our "Tulip" Tie Front Pillow - are such a welcomed product to our Memories Collection.
By taking important clothing or fabrics of those we love and designing around each and every item, we take the lovely and important details of each of the pieces given to us by our clients and in a one on one consult via email after ordering, we work together on the design and placement of the pillow that shows off those pieces you have been holding onto.
Space is precious these days, so why not keep these items special to you in a combined and neat way?
See our BLOG for other gorgeous Memories in Threads items.
Each and every Memories in Threads Cloth Quilted Pillow is created as a CUSTOM ORDER and this means that it is created just for you in a collaboration of what your needs and wants are. Creating a unique and individual piece. Custom lead times are approximately 6 - 8 weeks. This is from the time of design confirmations / payment and receipt of items to create with - whichever occurs last.
Size - approximately 35cm x 35cm square
Inner Fill - Polyester fill or PET fill
We are able to work with
Baby Clothing
Childhood Clothing
School Clothing
Birthday Attire
Passed Loved ones Clothing
Please also see a separate listing shall you want to create a Memories Pillow "Tulip" using intricate and finely detailed items such as wedding dresses and christening outfits etc - due to the nature of these items we need to create a different listing to create these items to their most beautiful potential.
You can find that link HERE.
Our "Tulip" Tie Front Pillow is best suited to larger garments - as the minimum we can work this design with is
40cm x 40cm pieces of fabric for each of the back and front panels, as well as around 50xm x 30m for the ties. For adults clothing 2 to 3 items is perfect.
Likewise we can suggest a co-ordinating a stock simplistic cotton fabric to match your garments to use on the back shall you don't have enough in clothing available.
Please note this pillow does NOT have a slip to remove and wash - it is purely created for a keepsake. This item is not able to be washed.
Please note we are unable to work with handknits and knitted items such as chunky cardigans in this pillow.
We do ask that you send your items to us via EXPRESS WITH SIGNATURE to ensure the safest and quickest route to us. Please also include an appropriate sized SELF ADDRESSED RETURN AUSTRALIA POST SATCHEL WITH SIGNATURE to ensure the return of your remaining items.
Please note that if AFTERPAY is selected on this order you may have completed payments prior to the completion of this order.
Each Memories in Threads item is carefully created and we do our best to ensure that the clothing and fabric supplied to create with are cut in a way that best captures the details, or uses the fabric in the best condition shall there be pills / pulling / discolouration etc. However due to the nature of the item, this is not always able to be completed. So there may be some unavoidable parts in order to create the item that needs to be used that may have some of these things featured. We do not wash or launder the pieces provided. As we believe that keeping the garments supplied in the form they arrived in is key - ie scent of a much loved one etc.