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Memories in Threads - INTRICATE "Unity the Unicorn" Heirloom Cloth Doll Collection

Memories in Threads - INTRICATE "Unity the Unicorn" Heirloom Cloth Doll Collection

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 "Memories in Threads Collections are so dear to our hearts"


Memories in Threads Collections - including our variety of "Classic and Mini Mee" Unity the Unicorns, were designed in the vein of our ready made items but using your special fabrics of meaning. All handmade and designed / pattern made in house.

Classic size - approximately 32cm tall

Mini Mee size - approximately 24cm tall

Designed to USE SPECIAL PIECES OF CLOTHING AND FABRICS OF YOURS - and this listing is specifically for delicate / intricate / detailed clothing pieces such as wedding and christening attire.

By taking important clothing of those we love and designing around our patterns, we take the lovely and important details of each of the pieces given to us by our clients and in a one on one consult via email we work together on the design - where we utilise each item, what colour eyes etc. We also can utilise fabrics such as felt and faux leather for trims.


You can select our classic size or mini mee size.


Each and every Memories in Threads Cloth Doll is created as a CUSTOM ORDER and this means that it is created just for you - as an individual and unique piece. Custom lead times are approximately 6 to 8 weeks. This is from the time of design confirmations / payment and receipt of items to create with - whichever occurs last.

As always our Heirloom Decor Collection is created with 100% PET recycled fill, low in allergens and environmentally friendly and of course uses a mixture of items given across to create parts of the doll with.

Please note that if you select AFTERPAY as payment option you may have made all 4 payments prior to the completion of this order.

Simply get in touch HERE to design your Memories in Threads Doll and Decor piece/s shall you want to have a conversation around your order rather than using the checkout function.

From contact we love to see the pieces in which we are working with - through the use of images sent to us. From there - we work with you down to eye, hair and skin colour etc to tailor to your needs. We treat your garments with the utmost respect and the balance of the items are returned to you - when you include a self addressed pre-paid satchel the same size you sent the items to us.

We also design around the attributes of the item we use - that is creating little details around those little features.

It is so important to us to create something in the design process with you. Every design differs slightly due to the wedding dresses and details used, however the design is worked on until you are of course happy, and ready to translate into reality.

You will be supplied with a hand sketched design of the workings and this will be the design based around. There may be times that we change things around when required, this could be due to fabric or trim quality or quantity or a design features that pop out screaming to be used etc. This of course is always conducted with full communication and disclosure to you each step of the way.

Upon completion you will receive a few studio photos of your finished item like below. Showcasing your stunning piece.

Don't forget you can pair this up with any of our

Memories in Threads resin pieces to incorporate the lace / satin / beading etc into a European style charm, ring, necklace pendant, earrings etc.


Personalised Carded White Suitcases to display (will suit LARGE size only FOR MINI MEE OPTION ONLY)

Please ensure you select the recommended postage option of - EXPRESS POSTAGE WITH SIGNATURE ON THIS ITEM and don't forget to send a prepaid self addressed satchel to return your remaining items, as indicated in our Memories in Threads FAQ HERE.

Also please note that these items are created as heirloom keepsakes only and are decor pieces not suitable for play.