Memory Doll and Decor - Mr Fox and Memory Resin European Beads


So many Memory Collection orders touch our heart beyond its measure, but boy oh boy this has truly captured our heart with so much love and gratitude.

So much gratitude that we can be part of a grieving and healing process to many lives.

A little time ago a gorgeous woman contacted us - September last year - asking for some precious things to be made for her little baby boy, to reflect his much loved dad and a love lost too soon. For little Master L and Gorgeous Mrs B, they lost their beautiful father and husband respectively to cancer - a life gone too soon - in August last year.
Sometimes these most important things can be a long process and for us this is truly part of the journey. We are here, but we are not here to rush. We are here to provide unconditional love and support. Not only do we hand make these items but so much love is poured into being involved in the story and emotion. It is simply WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO. For those that have chosen us during your time of need - we want you to know it is our pleasure to be here in your part of the journey. Our aim is to provide healing in the grieving process that really, we cannot begin to sympathise with, but we are here to support. Really words do not do how we feel about this justice. Gratitude plus right here.
Following on in late March, Mrs B was ready to take the next step with us, meaning it was our turn to turn her visions into reality. It is one of the most treasured pieces created to date to be honest. To feel the weight of love in the fabrics, is to feel the weight of love from Master L's daddy. Simply put - each and every piece created from loved ones clothing have a very special weight to them. It is indescribable.
The end result are 4 amazing pieces that are simply a true reflection of how a daddy's love for his wife and son can be kept on forever during those times in need. To reflect upon, to cherish, to smile to, to hug.
Mr Fox - Memory Collection
Created from daddy's much loved flannel check shirt, a pair of worn denim jeans, a lovely blue and white checked shirt, and a pair of retro car printed pyjama pants.
Tied in with a lovely quote "Dream Big Little Champ" that was something Master L's daddy used to say to him goodnight. So we custom designed an artwork and placed it on the chest as a lovely touch.
But the heartwarming little detail you cannot see is this - 

 A resin set heart, containing the white and blue check shirt - that were to be used within beads for Mum. Here the finely curated hand cut pieces of fabric have been set within epoxy resin in the shape of a heart, intertwining forever like their lives and love. This special heart - has been INSET INTO THE FOX into his chest at HEART level. You can feel the heart from the outside. So whenever Master L needs just a little love he can simply go and touch his Mr Fox and know he has his daddy's heart always with him.

We wanted to reflect the love and care and thoughtfulness we put into each and every one of our designs. To us this sums up what we do.

Smooth European "Memories in Threads" Beads

Mrs B - simply wanted something of her loved husband's to be by her side, to give her comfort and love. These European Beads have finely curated hand cut pieces of fabrics set within epoxy resin to capture and lock away fabrics and threads and of course memories forever.

Using one of her husbands most loved shirts, it created such a beautiful and powerful colour within the clear resin. Set with Sterling Silver end caps, and a touch of silver foil flaking to tie it all in, these beads will be a much loved piece for not only Mrs B, but her mother in law and mother - each of who had a special tied bond to Mr B.

 What a truly magical honour it is to be the creator of something so special and treasured. We have no words but to say thank you whole heartedly for trusting in us.


“Thank you for all of your patience, love and care. You turned the saddest time in my life to a place of happiness knowing that my son will always have this to remember how much his daddy loved him. Even though we lost him way before his time, I will always remember how lucky I am to have loved someone who was so hard to say goodbye to. Now I will have a piece of him with me wherever I go too. I am so grateful for everything you have done for our little family. It cannot be easy taking on other peoples pain when you create pieces like these, but please know that without you and what you do the healing process would be a lot harder. Thank you.”