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Memories in Threads - Heirloom Quilt - created from baby clothing

As you know we specialise in Memory Keepsakes and this Memories in Threads Heirloom Cot Quilt sums up why we do what we do. There is so much love in the weight of this quilt.
To take TREASURED memories from clothing held safely over the growing years, and placed lovingly in our care to create something that can be enjoyed for many more years to come, it is the best feeling in the world.
But did you know that each RubyBabyDesigns Memory Quilt features small little details not found in other Memory Quilt Makers quilts?
× EACH AND EVERY item of clothing is cut by hand into carefully measured squares. No pre made templates here.
× EACH AND EVERY panel is FUSED on the back with interfacing to give structure and stability to last the test of time. Something not every maker of these precious quilts place this type of extra little bit of love into doing.
Even though it isn't seen from the outside, these IMPORTANT AND STRUCTURAL steps are important to us and our quality.
× EACH AND EVERY seam is sewn and finished / pressed neatly. Meaning when you see the inside of the quilt each and every seam is PRESSED FLAT AND OPEN. No quick overlocked seams here. Check out those perfect seams.
× EACH AND EVERY seam is matched at the cross sections with so much care.
× EACH AND EVERY quilt is basted to the internal batting to make sure there is no twisting while sewing together. This is a crucial step in the nice and flat finish of your product. Oh and not to mention the PINNING!!! The pins! The pins!
× EACH AND EVERY panel is ditch stitched with precision so you see no dominating top stitching holding the quilt top to the Legacy Cotton / Bamboo internal batting of standard quilting weight rather than a plush doona feel. This also means there is no obtrusive outer binding around the edges to detract from your clothing.

So when you see the finished heirloom piece you can be sure that the utmost care is taken with your precious items. So in turn we can therefore share these amazingly beautiful pieces at the end and see them go back into the loving arms of those that trusted us with their most precious possessions. This gorgeous quilt is ready to send home, ready to create their new MEMORIES.

Create your own custom Memories in Threads Heirloom quilt with us today. They are priced from $399 plus P&H. Available in Lap, Cot and Single Size.

A lovely large panelled cot sized quilt features approximately 50 garments. This particular design is 20cm squares, that measure a total of 140cm x 80cm for a cot sized quilt. For smaller baby garments we are able to include smaller squares to accommodate garment sizing being small. This style quilt is suited to mostly toddler clothing size 0 onwards.

Internal batting is cotton bamboo, backed with either simple spot cotton, or textured polyester minky.

Simply head to the contact section in our side bar menu and send through a CUSTOM INQUIRY today.