Meet the Maker of RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective


 Oh Hello there!

I am Lori, the proud owner and creator behind RubyBabyDesigns Keepsake Collective. A one stop shop for your Modern Heirloom Cloth Dolls and Décor and Memory in Threads Collections needs.
After studying clothing / fashion design and pattern making in one of the leading Fashion and Product Development institutes in Melbourne, I was lucky enough to be offered a junior position in Product Development. From this junior role I built a career to a high level retail management position as a Product Developer for one of the two major retailers within the Australian Retail landscape. And whilst travelling the world and designing childrens clothing and footwear collections for this said retailer, I knew that the overall length of my career within this field was a limited one – purely due to the international travel and exceptionally long hours. As glamorous as the life seemed, it was a hard one. One that put my family second, and it simply wouldn’t allow me to have the life I have created now. Since leaving this amazing worldwide career, it has been such a roller coaster of change and growth and I feel that this is reflected within the growth of RubyBabyDesigns also.
From my experience in pattern making I am proud to say that 98% of the creations within my Keepsake Collective are pattern made in house. And each is designed with thoughtfulness in mind.
Each and every piece is created within a studio working alongside a young family. It is a one man show, and I am proud to say that each and every step is one completed by myself.
Although at times I often refer to “we” as within small business there is such an amazing community of helpers behind the scenes. Ones that pass encouragement, support from close family and friends, the carers for my little girl, a supportive husband who gives me the best support to achieve my dreams while raising a family etc. Each and every encouraging word and assistance in growth, both business and personal, is the reason why I do not do it alone. Small business can sometimes feel isolating, but the community surrounding me is simply amazing and RubyBabyDesigns simply wouldn’t exist of thrive without it.
RubyBabyDesigns truly gives me the ability to live my best life with my husband and daughter all the while bringing such amazing emotions to my business. The reason I do what I do is to bring the joy to people, through healing, through remembering, through keeping memories alive, through reflection and celebrations. Creating Heirloom Keepsakes honestly brings me so much joy to me, and for moments in time, I can play just a little part in someone else’s life in their journey.
Photo courtesy of November May Photography.