"Forget Me Not" Charity Donation
"Forget Me Not" Charity Donation
"Forget Me Not" Charity Donation

"Forget Me Not" Charity Donation

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"Giving back to the community"

We get to work with amazing and touching families in our work here at RubyBabyDesigns so we want to support amazing organisations who provide touching support to those who may have experienced Pregnancy and Infant Loss in someway. 
October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day and we would like to pass on a form of donation to
An organisation that provides a photography session for those experiencing this type of loss and is run by volunteers. In order for this service to be provided to families they need much needed funds to do so. This provides the family with everlasting memories they may not have otherwise. Like us, creating Memories from Memories.
By purchasing 1 listing (or 5!!!) for $5 each, we will donate all the proceeds to Heartfelt as a donation on your behalf.
we will be gifting ONE gorgeous Forget Me Not Pendant to a deserving nominated family who has experienced loss - being 1 in 4. Valued at $149. This is our way to give back.
Once you have purchased this donation head to our Facebook page to comment on the featured post and nominate your chosen person for them to have the chance to be gifted this pendant. For every 1 x $5 donation you can nominate one person. Purchase 2 and you get to nominate 2 (or the same person twice) or you can make this note at checkout and let us know why they deserve it.
Donations will be accepted from 15th of October until Sunday 18th of October 9pm. The nominated person will be chosen and announced Monday 19th of October
(Cross referencing to the purchases of the donation will be made to the nomination)
We ask you to please don't afterpay this transaction as it will not allow us to pass on the most of your donation proceeds to Heartfelt.
Please note you are not purchasing a physical product you are making a donation that will be passed onto the above charity. We will ensure we provide proof of any purchases and proceed donations made directly to the organisation.